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Tailgate Mystery Box (You decide value - £30/£60 or £100)

Tailgate Mystery Box (You decide value - £30/£60 or £100)

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  Tailgate Mystery Box


  • We have over a hundred different - new items - to choose from, Stock changes every month, and varies from month to month. A members of our staff will pick and pack your Mystery boxes, and ship them to the customer. Each box will contain more than the value of purchase.

  • Each Mystery Box is different, chances of receiving the same mystery box twice is highly unlikely. This is a great chance for you to try your luck and see if there is something we have that you may not have known you needed or wanted. Due to the randomness of the package and the fact that we put more in value than the offering price.

  • This box can contain anything from scarfs, display boxes, Sports or Fantasy merchandise or trading cards, Themed Sports products and so much more! Pretty much anything item from our extensive website can be placed inside these Mystery Boxes.

  • note: Please note all randomness contents of the box and requirements. No refund no return. At your own risk!

  • Note: But it is definitely worth the money, focusing on products which any collectors would love to have and surprise, not everyone will like the satisfaction.

  • Thank you!

  • Completely random items.



  • Pretty much anything from our extensive website can be placed inside these Mystery Boxes. Also serves as a great stocking stuffer, Holiday present, Birthday, back to school, Christmas, Thanksgiving day, Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Mother's day, Father's day surprise or Wedding and or House Warming Gift! or any other kind of ceremonial gift for close friends and family! Also reviews are highly appreciated! Let us know what you think of the product! We do not take returns on these packages as we do not know what exactly you have received. We hope you enjoy our products.

  • Give us a hint to help with your box - place comments in the customer checkout box listing your interests, Sports or Fantasy or both, favourite player, team supported or interests and we will do the rest.  If its for someone else, please list their details or send us a message.

  • Specifications: Tailgate Traders Mystery random box