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Marketplace Terms and Conditions of service

Please be advised, that tailgate traders will charge a 10% commission on all sales on our market place. Unless promotional offer is in effect.



Terms and Conditions


Below you will find the general terms and conditions for using the services of Tailgate Traders LTD (the “ Terms of Use “). These Terms of Use apply to all use of the website at    and   (hereinafter: the “ Platform “). Tailgate Traders offers its services on the condition that you accept these Terms of Use as a buyer and seller of the platform. 




Article 1 – Definitions


  • Tailgate Traders LTD: Companies House number 12676275, Oaks Cottage Hersham Farm Business Park, Longcross Road, Chertsey, Surrey, United Kingdom, KT16 0DN.  Tailgate Traders LTD is also referred to as ‘ we ‘ and ‘ us ‘ in these Terms of Use .



  • Buyer : the Buyer is the person who makes a purchase through the platform from one of the affiliated Sellers. Also referred to as ‘her’  or  ‘customer’ in these general terms and conditions  . The buyer is seen as a natural person.


  • Seller : any natural person and/or legal person who offers and sells Products on the Platform via the Sales Account. Also referred to as ‘being’ in these general terms and conditions  .


  • My Account : the account that the Buyer and Seller have created on the Platform, which is personal to the Buyer and Seller via his login details.


  • Sales Account : the Sales Account that Sellers use to add Products and then sell them on the Tailgate Traders LTD platform.


  • Products : all new and second-hand Products of which Tailgate Traders LTD has indicated that they may be offered on the Platform.


  • Service costs : refers to the commission charged by Tailgate Traders LTD on the Product offered by the Seller. The commission of Tailgate Traders LTD concerns 10% of the Asking price of the product + a 0.75-pence processing fee.


  • The Asking Price is the Asking Price that the Seller enters when creating/adding a Product in his Sales Account. The Asking Price is also the price that the Seller will be paid, provided that the Seller has applied a discount to the Product. Then this amount will be paid out.


  • Shipping costs:  are the shipping costs charged to Buyer, based on package type and weight entered by Seller. The Seller is responsible for providing the correct shipping rate appropriate to the package size of the Product.


  • Sales Service Levels:  the requirements set forth in these Terms of Use (in clause 4.4) for Sellers, such as the speed with which Products are shipped and the response to questions.


  • Selling Price : The Selling Price of Products is the price that Buyer pays including VAT for Products from business sellers and excluding VAT for products offered by private Sellers. The Sales Price includes the Service Charge. The Sales Price does not include shipping costs. If delivery is chosen as the shipping method, these costs will be shown in the checkout of the purchase process. 




Article 2 – Account seller 


2.1  To use the Platform as a Seller, the Seller must create a Sales Account. The Seller can register via the My Account. Tailgate Traders LTD will approve the application within 2 working days. If the application is rejected, Tailgate Traders LTD will clearly state this. The seller registers via e-mail and a password of his choice. The e-mail address and the chosen password together form the “ Login data “. 


2.2 The Seller may not allow its Account to be used by a third party. The Seller is at all times responsible for the confidentiality of his Login Details and the use of his Account.


2.3 Each Seller may create one (1) Account on the Platform. If, for any reason, the Account is blocked or deleted by Tailgate Traders LTD, the Seller is no longer entitled to use the Platform.


2.4 Tailgate Traders LTD is entitled to log into the Seller’s Sales Account at any time. Tailgate Traders LTD will do this to randomly check whether the account is being used correctly and the user-friendliness in order to improve the platform. The seller will not experience any hindrance from this. Based on the sample, Tailgate Traders LTD may contact Seller and submit a request to Seller to jointly improve Seller’s Sales Account. In case of any problem or error in Seller’s Sales Account, Tailgate Traders LTD will support Seller and log into Seller’s Sales Account if necessary.


2.5 Tailgate Traders LTD is at all times entitled to suspend, block or delete a Seller’s Account. For example in the event of a conflict with one or more of the applicable conditions, fraud, disruption of the proper functioning of the Platform or if, in the opinion of Tailgate Traders LTD, the Account can be harmful to the good name of Tailgate Traders LTD or third parties.  Tailgate Traders LTD also has the right to refuse or block a Seller. If the Account is linked to a bank account number that is linked to an already blocked Account, Tailgate Traders LTD will also block the Seller. The Seller cannot claim any compensation from Tailgate Traders LTD in connection with the suspension, blocking or removal of the Account by Tailgate Traders LTD and the Seller hereby waives any right to any (damage) compensation.


2.6  Seller agrees to only provide correct and complete information when creating an Account on the Platform. The Seller is responsible for the correctness of the information on his Account.


2.7  The Seller will at all times act in accordance with the guidelines and instructions of Tailgate Traders LTD with regard to adding and offering Products on the Platform.


2.8  Tailgate Traders LTD is at all times entitled to no longer make certain functionalities of the Account on the Platform available, not to grant an Account or to set additional requirements for granting an Account.


2.9 Tailgate Traders LTD is not responsible or liable for the quality and safety of products offered by Seller. If Tailgate Traders LTD becomes aware that a Seller is offering products that do not comply with European laws and regulations, Tailgate Traders LTD will address the Seller and, if necessary, block them on the Platform.




Article 3 – Buyer  account


   3.1 To use the Platform  as a  Buyer, you   can   choose  to  create My  Account.  The Buyer  can    register  via the  My  Account  section  on Tailgate Traders LTD. The Buyer registers via e-mail and a password of his own choice. The e-mail address and the chosen password together form the "Login details". The Buyer can also choose to make a purchase as a guest. For this, the Buyer must leave her name and address details in the checkout of the purchase process. 


3.2 If  the Buyer contacts    the  Seller  about  a Product or  order,  this  must be done via the Platform of Tailgate Traders LTD. In order to start a conversation, the Buyer must leave her e-mail address and then create a My Account in order to continue the conversation with the Seller. 


3.3 The Buyer may not have its  Account   used  by  a third party. The Buyer  is   at all  times  responsible  for  the  confidentiality  of  his Login Details  and  the  use  of  his  Account.


3.4 Each Buyer may create one  (1) Account on the Platform. If, for  any  reason,   the Account has been  blocked  or  deleted by Tailgate Traders LTD, the Buyer is no longer entitled to use the Platform.


3.5 Tailgate Traders LTD is at all times entitled to suspend, block or delete a Buyer's Account. For example, in the event of a breach of one or more of the applicable terms and conditions, fraud, disruption of the proper functioning of the Platform or if, in the opinion of Tailgate Traders LTD, the Account may be harmful to the good name of Tailgate Traders LTD or third parties. Tailgate Traders LTD also has the right to refuse or block a Buyer. In the event of suspension, blocking or deletion of the Account by  Tailgate Traders LTD, the Buyer agrees to waive any right to any (damage) compensation.


3.6 The Buyer    agrees  to    only  provide  correct  and  complete  information  when creating a  My Account on the Platform. Buyer is  responsible  for  the  accuracy of the  data  on  its  Account.


3.7 The Buyer shall at   all  times  act  in  accordance with the  guidelines  and  instructions of Tailgate Traders LTD regarding the installation and offering of products on the Platform.


3.8 Tailgate Traders LTD is at all times entitled to no longer make certain functionalities of the Account available on the Platform, not to grant an Account or to impose additional requirements for the provision of an Account.


3.9 The Buyer cannot hold Tailgate Traders LTD responsible or liable for the quality of products purchased on the Platform. The Buyer must do this at the Seller himself. In the event of a dispute, Buyer may contact  Tailgate Traders LTD and Tailgate Traders LTD will mediate where possible.


3.10 In  the event  of  a  purchase  of  a  faulty Product, the Buyer may inform Tailgate Traders LTD of this at any time. Tailgate Traders LTD will, if it deems it necessary, address the Seller on this and, if necessary, block it on the Platform.




Article 4 –  Purchase agreement


4.1 If a  Buyer of the Platform  proceeds  to the  purchase  of  a  Product  offered on the Platform  and  if  the  Seller  accepts the  order,  a  purchase agreement   is  concluded   between  the  Seller  and   the Buyer (the "Purchase Agreement").


4.2 If the Buyer  has Products  in the shopping cart  of  several  Sellers,  the Buyer  can only go through  the checkout  process    and  complete  the  order  per  Seller. The  shopping cart  also  shows  the  different  checkout  steps  per  Seller. In concrete terms,  this  means  that  the Buyer  must      make a  purchase several  times  when  there  are Products in the shopping cart  of  different  Sellers. This  has  to  do with the  shipment of the purchase by the  Buyer.


4.3 Tailgate Traders LTD is not and will not become a party to the Purchase Agreement. If buyer and seller have a dispute about whether or not shipped or returned Products, buyer and seller must resolve this between themselves. If buyer and seller jointly do not come to a solution, Tailgate Traders LTD can mediate in this, completely without obligation. The ability of the Seller or Buyer to submit a proof of shipment will be leading in this. Seller and Buyer indemnify  Tailgate Traders LTD against claims for damages under its decision.


4.4 The Seller  and  buyer  are  both responsible for  entering into  the  Purchase Agreement at  their  own  expense  and  risk.  Seller  and  Buyer  indemnify Tailgate Traders LTD against any claim and/or liability arising from the conclusion and/or performance of the Purchase Agreement.


4.5 The Purchase Agreement  includes the(far)sale  of the  Products  and  also  the  so-called  "Aftersales".   These  Aftersales  consist  of  contact  between  Buyer  and  Seller,  settlement  of  returns  and  any  guarantees. The Aftersales  are at the  expense  and  risk  of the Seller,  unless  these Terms of Use  stipulate otherwise.  Buyer  acknowledges  that Tailgate Traders LTD is in no way liable for the fulfillment of the agreements between Buyer and Seller and the quality of the Products.


4.6 Tailgate Traders LTD will send the Buyer, after the Purchase Agreement has been concluded, a confirmation by e-mail. In addition, a conversation between Buyer and Seller can be opened via the Platform. The conversation can be started via the Buyer's My Account or via the Seller's order.  Here the Buyer and Seller can communicate further with each other regarding Order, Product etc.


4.7 The Buyer and  seller  are  obliged  to  ensure  that the execution  of the Purchase Agreement is  in  accordance with applicable    laws  and  regulations  and  these Terms of  Use.




Article 5 –  Guarantees  and obligations of the  Seller


5.1 The Seller  guarantees:


  • Provide products with   correct     content  and  information  so that the Buyer has  the  right  information  to make a  purchase.


  • That the        Products offered are the  Seller's and  that  the Seller is authorized  to  offer and dispose of   this  Product  properties  for  sale  and  disposal.


  • That the  Products offered are always  the  original  Products  and that they  are not counterfeit products.


  • That the  Products    function  properly  and  show no  defect,    unless  this  is  stated.


  • That the Products offered  by  him  and the (product)information  provided  by  him does not  infringe any  rights of Tailgate Traders LTD or third parties.


5.2 Seller  indemnifies Tailgate Traders LTD against all damages of claims against  Tailgate Traders LTD resulting from failure to comply with the warranties of this Product.


5.3 The Seller is permitted   to  send  advertisements  with  the delivery of  Products  only  concerning the own brand / product  that  they  deliver.


5.4 In order to be able  to  act as a   Seller, the   Seller  must have a  legitimate  payment account and personal  name  and address details. 


5.5 Seller  adheres    to  the  following Service Levels established by Tailgate Traders LTD:


  • Seller will ship the Product no  later than  five  (5)  working days  after the confirmation  of  the  order.  Shipment  must be  done    in  accordance  with  Article  6 of the Terms of Use. Shipment  after  five  (5) working days  is  only  permitted  if  this has been agreed with the Buyer within  five  (5) working days  after  the  confirmation of the  order via the ''ask  a  question section''   and takes place no later than    fourteen  (14) working days  after  the  confirmation of the  order.


  • Seller will answer Buyer's  questions  within  forty-eight  (48)  hours.


  • Business Seller  is  obliged  to  offer  a  right of withdrawal of 14  days  to    the Buyer. The Buyer does not have  to   provide a  valid  reason  for  this. Upon receipt of a  return, the  Seller  will    refund the purchase price  including  any  Shipping Costs  to  the Buyer.


  • If seller does not comply  with  the Service Levels,  Tailgate Traders LTD may block his Account.


5.6 Tailgate Traders LTD is the only one entitled to determine which product (sub)categories may be offered on the Platform. Tailgate Traders LTD is also entitled to change or remove product (sub)categories on the Platform, without the Seller or Buyer being entitled to assert any right against Tailgate Traders LTD as a result thereof. The Seller can only offer Products that  Tailgate Traders LTD has indicated may be offered on the Platform. If a Product Category is missing and Seller believes that this is appropriate for the Platform, Seller may make a request to  Tailgate Traders LTD via   to  add  a  Product Category.


5.7 Tailgate Traders LTD is entitled not to include on the Platform or to remove from the Platform the offer or certain information stated by the Seller in relation to the Product, if in the opinion of Tailgate Traders LTD this does not match the offer of the Platform or is misleading, or is in breach of these Terms of Use or in the opinion of Tailgate Traders LTD may be harmful to the good name from  Tailgate Traders LTD, the Platform or third parties.


5.8 Tailgate Traders LTD is entitled not to include on the Platform or to remove from the Platform the offer or certain information stated by the Seller in relation to the Product, if in the opinion of Tailgate Traders LTD this does not match the offer of the Platform or is misleading, or is in breach of these Terms of Use or in the opinion of Tailgate Traders LTD may be harmful to the good name from  Tailgate Traders LTD, the Platform or third parties.


5.9 The Seller  is  not  entitled  to  sell Products  directly  or  indirectly  to   itself.




Article 6 –  Compensation  for  mediation by Tailgate Traders LTD


6.1 Tailgate Traders LTD will charge a commission on the Sale Price (the "Service Fee") as a fee for its mediation and incorporate it into the Sale Price. The standard commission is 10% of the Sales Price + a 0.75 pence processing fee. Tailgate Traders LTD can adjust this commission per seller or, for example, change it for a certain period of time in the event of a specific marketing campaign. Tailgate Traders LTD may, in consultation with a Seller, decide to apply a graduated discount when, for example, the Seller achieves X number of sales/turnover per year. Tailgate Traders LTD determines this on an individual level in consultation with the Seller and does not derive any right here from other Sellers, provided that this is so agreed.


6.2 The Buyer only  owes  the  Sales Price  +  any Shipping costs. Any    Shipping Costs  will be   charged to the Buyer in  addition  to  the  Sales Price  and  made  known in the checkout of the purchase process. The type of shipment  and  the  shipping costs  are  calculated on the basis of the package prices  of Royal Mail  and  the  entered  package size  and  product  weight  by the Seller.


6.3 The Service Fees  shall be  borne by  Tailgate Traders LTD after the order has been completed and all payments in this respect have been made. After an order has been completed and the order is set to ''delivered'' in the sales account,  Tailgate Traders LTD proceeds to pay out to the Seller. The payout can take up to 5 working days. 


6.4 By accepting these  Terms of Use, you   consent  to  Tailgate Traders LTD's mediation (for both Buyer and Seller) explained in this article.




Article 7 –  Order  and  shipment


7.1 A  Buyer  may place an order for a Product offered by Seller through the  normal ordering process with Tailgate Traders LTD. The Sale is concluded by means of direct purchase and completion of the purchase process. The order will be processed by Seller in accordance with these Terms of Use and the instructions of  Tailgate Traders LTD.


7.2  Seller  will  carefully       monitor his  email address associated with the Account so that  it  can take   timely note    of the  information sent by Tailgate Traders LTD in connection with the order.


7.3 In accordance with the Service Levels, the  Seller  will  ship the Product within  five  (5)  working days  of  confirmation of the  order or    contact  the Buyer to  agree on an  alternative shipping period, which may no longer  be   than  fourteen  (14)  days.


7.4 The Seller  will    use  the  shipping method  as  chosen by the Buyer when shipping.   The Seller  is  obliged   to    offer  shipping  via Royal Mail  when placing   a Product on the Platform  and  to  select an  appropriate Shipping Method.  Based on the product  weight  and  Shipping method, the Seller  indicates    how  large  the  package  will  be  and  the  offered  product  falls within  the  indicated shipping classification of Royal Mail. Seller  can  choose  from the following package formats  when  shipping by Royal Mail:


Letterbox package


  • Maximum size: 38 x 26,5 x 3,2 cm


  • Weight: maximum  2 kg


Standard package


  • Maximum size: 100 x 50 x 50


  • Weight: 0 – 10 kg


XL package


  • Maximum size: 176 x 78 x 58 cm


  • Weight: 0 – 23 kg


7.5 In addition to offering  delivery via Royal Mail by the            Seller,  the  Seller may also    choose  to enable and offer collection to the  Buyer. The   Seller  must   enable  this once  in   his  Sales Account. Tailgate Traders LTD does not offer an opinion on this and will not be held liable. The Buyer can then make the choice in the shopping cart between Delivery or Pick-up. 


7.6 The Seller  is  responsible  for     selecting  the  correct shipping method  when creating a  new  Product. Please note: the  shipping method       'standard  and  XL  package'  must  always  be  enabled due to purchasing multiple products at the  same time  from  a    Seller. If  a  Seller  has  noted  an  incorrect  weight and/or  selects package size,   Tailgate Traders LTD may charge the difference in package rate to the Seller.  


7.7 If the Buyer opts for  delivery  Delivery  via Royal Mail, the Seller is  obliged    to  create  the  shipping label  via  his Sales Account  and  to  pack the  package  firmly.  After this,  the  package will  be delivered  to  one of the Royal Mail  delivery points.


7.8 The place  of delivery  is  the  address  that  the  buyer has made known to Tailgate Traders LTD at the time of placing the order. This address communicates  Tailgate Traders LTD with Seller and is the address that appears on the automatically generated shipping label of Royal Mail. The buyer is therefore responsible for the correct and correct filling in of this information. 


7.9 The risk  of  damage  and/or loss of  products rests  with  the  Seller  until the moment of  delivery  to  the Buyer. 


7.10 When the Seller     creates  the  shipping label,   the Buyer will receive  a  corresponding track & trace code via e-mail to follow the order  via Royal Mail.


7.11 The Seller  shall  ensure      proper  packaging of the  package  and  a  clear  indication of the shipping address. In addition, the Seller  will  clearly  state the return     address,   in case delivery is  not  possible  or  if  the Buyer wants to  make use of the 14-day   right of  withdrawal applicable on  a  new  product  offered  by  a  business  partner.


7.12 Delivery of  a  product  by shipping method  collection  must  be  in  accordance  with the  Buyer  and  seller. The  agreement  can take place  via the question section  in the  Buyer's My  Account   and/or the Seller's  order-level    question section. The Buyer  and  Seller  can  also  coordinate    this  via  their  own  chosen  channel.


7.13 The ownership  of the  delivered  Product  passes  from the Seller to the Buyer at the moment  that:


  • Buyer has paid the selling price of the  Products;  and buyer has  received the product;  and  does not   exercise   its  14-day   right of withdrawal  legally  required  for  newly  offered  products  by  Business  Sellers.


7.14 If  an  order has   not  been  completed  by the Seller after  thirty  (30)  days,   Tailgate Traders LTD will actively search for the final status of the order based on tracking data and any interaction data between Buyer and Seller:


  1. If the order has not yet been  marked as      'delivered',  Seller  & Buyer will be contacted   and Tailgate Traders LTD will take one of the following actions:


  1. Complete the order;
  2. Cancel the order.
  • Mediate between Buyer and Seller in order to reach a solution.



Article 8 – Returns and cancellations


8.1 If the Buyer has proceeded to purchase a Product, the Buyer can no longer cancel the order. The Seller does have the right to cancel the order. When canceling the order, the Seller must provide a reason that will be communicated to the Buyer. After cancellation by the Seller, Tailgate Traders LTD will initiate the refund including any shipping costs. It is not possible for the Seller to cancel part of the order.


8.2 If   seller has  shipped the product  and buyer has    not  received the product  after  seven    (7)      days, buyer  has  the  possibility  to submit a cancellation request to the  seller .  This  can be done via the     "Ask a question  section  to  Buyer/Seller"  button in the Buyer's  My Account or by contacting    Tailgate Traders LTD via


8.3 The Buyer has  no  right  to    return a  second-hand  Product, provided  that  the Buyer  receives a  second-hand  Product  that is not in accordance with the  Seller's    advertisement.  In  this     case, the Buyer has  the  right to submit a  return request up to 2 (2)days  after  receipt via the  "Ask  a  question  to  Buyer" button in the  My  Account. A Product is not  in conformity with the  advertisement  if  the Product  has significant  and  unmentioned  damage  or   defects, there  is  a  different  size in the label than in the  advertisement  or  if the Product  otherwise  significantly  deviates from  the  photos  and  description of the  advertisement.


8.4 If  a  Buyer wants to  return a  newly  purchased  Product  from  a  business  seller, this is possible  and the Buyer  does not have  to give a  reason  for  this. The Buyer  has  a  statutory  withdrawal period      of 14  days  and  can   use this at any     time. This  can be done through  this  form  (model form  right of withdrawal)  and  through  the "Ask  a  question” button in the  My  Account, the Buyer can register  the return  to  the  Seller. The  Seller  will  then  provide  instructions on how to  return the  order.  The  costs  for any return  shipment will be    borne by the  Buyer,  unless  otherwise  indicated  by  the  Seller  when creating his  business  account.


8.5  The right  of  withdrawal  for the Buyer  and  the  possibility to  return the product  within  14  days  expires as soon as  it  concerns a  personalized  purchased  product.  Personalized  products are    products  to which  personalized  elements  have been  added  such as  a  name or  other  text.


   8.6 The return request  will  initially  be assessed by  the Seller.  If  the  return request is not  approved or  rejected within  three  (3)  days, buyer  may   contact  Tailgate Traders LTD via  and deposit the  return  request.  If  Seller  rejects  the  return request  and  Buyer     disagrees, Buyer may  contact    Tailgate Traders LTD and Tailgate Traders LTD will make a binding decision on the return   request. Seller and Buyer indemnify  Tailgate Traders LTD against claims for damages under this decision.


8.7 If  the  return request  is  approved  by  Seller  or Tailgate Traders LTD, Buyer must follow the instructions provided by Seller or  Tailgate Traders LTD. This may mean that the Product must be shipped or within five (5) days of acceptance of the return request to the Seller, that the product does not have to be returned and that the Buyer receives a compensation from the Seller or that the Product does not have to be returned but the Buyer receives a full refund. The costs for any return shipment will be borne by the Buyer, unless otherwise agreed with the Seller.


8.8 The purchase price paid by the Buyer including any  shipping costs  will be  refunded by the  Seller as  soon  as possible  after  the  return shipment,   but no later than  fourteen  (14)  days  after confirmation of  receipt  of the Product by  the Seller.


8.9  If the Buyer  submits a  return request  for  a  second-hand  purchased  Product,    the Buyer  is responsible  for providing evidence  (photos  and  text)to    demonstrate  that the Product  is  not  in accordance with the  advertisement as  referred to  in  Article  8.4.




Article 9 –  Payments


9.1 Payments  made through the Platform by Buyer  are  handled by Shopify Payments. Tailgate Traders LTD manages the funds paid by Buyer until the order status is changed to ''delivered'' by Seller. After this, Tailgate Traders LTD will transfer the amounts of money to the Seller within 5 working days.


9.2 Payouts  to  the  Seller by Tailgate Traders LTD are made by the iban number provided in combination with cardholder name. The Seller is responsible for correctly entering this information in the Sales Account. The payout to seller is made based on the order status ''delivered''. For sending the package via Royal Mail, this will be changed automatically. When picking up as shipment, the Seller must change this order status himself. Within five (5) business days,  Tailgate Traders LTD will transfer the funds due to seller.


9.3 Tailgate Traders LTD is authorised to request an additional identity check from the Seller if there is any doubt.b as to the accuracy of the IBAN number provided and the name of the Seller's bank account number.


9.4 The  amount of the  payment  to  the  Seller  concerns  the  specified Asking Price of the Product  entered by the  Seller  when creating the Product. In  the event that  the  Seller has cancelled  the  order in the  Seller Account  and  the  order  has  not  yet  been  delivered to the Buyer,  Tailgate Traders LTD will automatically proceed to refund the Buyer and the Seller will not receive any funds.


9.5 By accepting the Terms of  Use,  the  Seller  authorizes    Tailgate Traders LTD to store its IBAN details in combination with the name of the account holder.


9.6 The Seller  is  not  entitled  to    accept payments made directly by the  Buyer  to  him.  In   that  case, the Seller will refund the amount received to the  Buyer  and  point out  to the  Buyer  that  payment can  only  take place via the Platform.


9.7 If the Purchase Agreement  is dissolved at  the Seller's request    due to  a  cancellation,   Tailgate Traders LTD will automatically refund the Buyer. The refund will be refunded to the Buyer's account within five (5) working days. If the Buyer makes use of its 14-day right of withdrawal of Products from business sellers after receipt, the Seller will refund the Buyer after receipt of the order, including any shipping costs. The Buyer must provide a payment account to the Seller to initiate the refund. In the event of an exchange agreed between the Buyer and the Seller, no refund will be made.




Article 10 – Privacy


10.1 Tailgate Traders LTD processes the personal data of its Buyers and Sellers in accordance with applicable privacy laws and regulations. For more information, see our privacy policy and our cookie policy.


10.2 Tailgate Traders LTD uses web hosting services from Hostnet in conjunction with Shopify's software and Shopify's affiliated service Apps. The personal data that you make available to us for the benefit of our services will be shared with these parties. For more information, see our privacy policy and our cookie policy.


10.3 For  the  settlement  of  transactions  between  Buyer  and  Seller  via  our  Platform,  Tailgate Traders LTD uses the payment services of Shopify payments. As soon as The Buyer makes a purchase on the Platform, you give permission for Shopify payments to have access to your name, address, residence details and payment details. Shopify payments does not store your data for longer than is permitted by law. 


10.4 In the event that the Buyer  chooses  to ship  via Royal Mail, the Buyer  gives permission  for  Tailgate Traders LTD to share necessary data with Royal Mail such as the Buyer's name and residence details. Royal Mail only uses this information for the purpose of executing the agreement. In the event that Royal Mail engages subcontractors, Royal Mail will also make your data available to these parties.


10.5 Tailgate Traders LTD will only provide seller with the personal data of Buyer that are necessary for Seller to execute the Purchase Agreement ("Customer Data"). Tailgate Traders LTD cannot guarantee the accuracy of the personal data (provided by buyer).


   10.6 The Seller  guarantees  that  it  will  only  approach  Buyers  in  connection with the execution  of the Purchase Agreement  and  the  obligations  arising from   it.   The Seller  will never commercially    exploit,  use  or  provide this Customer Data to third parties.  In the event of a breach  of the  provisions  of this Product, seller  is  liable  for  all damages suffered by Tailgate Traders LTD and Buyer.


10.7 Seller  will  treat  customer  data  in  accordance with all  applicable  laws  and  regulations  (including  but  not  limited  to the  General  Data Protection Regulation)   and  the privacy policy of Tailgate Traders LTD.


10.8 Tailgate Traders LTD will retain buyer and seller data for as long as you are a customer of ours and/or have a sales account. This means that we keep customer profiles and sales profiles until the Buyer and/or Seller indicates that they no longer wish to use our services. If the Buyer and/or Seller indicates this to Tailgate Traders LTD, we will also take this as a request for forgetting. On the basis of applicable administrative obligations, Tailgate Traders LTD will retain invoices with (personal) data of buyer and/or seller. This data will be kept for as long as the applicable period runs.  However, employees of Tailgate Traders LTD will no longer have access to Buyer and Seller Profiles and documents that  Tailgate Traders LTD has produced as a result of your order.


10.9 Tailgate Traders LTD uses 3 types of cookies: functional cookies, personal cookies and marketing cookies. The functional cookies are necessary for a good and safe use of our website and are anonymized. The personal cookies ensure that Tailgate Traders LTD can track 'Personal' behaviour of visitors to the Platform and make targeted offers. Marketing cookies are used  by Tailgate Traders LTD to track and monitor the internet behaviour of visitors. Based on this,  Tailgate Traders LTD and third parties can show you personalized and appropriate advertisements.


10.10 Tailgate Traders LTD stores visitors' cookie preferences for a period of 60 days. After this period of 60 days, visitors can again set their Cookie preferences. This can always be done in the meantime via the page: cookie policy of Tailgate Traders LTD.




Article 11 –  Communication  between  seller  and buyer via the tailgate traders ltd platform


11.1 Tailgate Traders LTD has developed a question application for the purpose of communication between seller and buyer, where seller and buyer can talk to each other. The question application is accessible from various places on the platform. For example, a potential Buyer can ask a question via a product page, but also via her My account at order level. The Seller can also start a conversation with the Buyer by logging into his Sales Account, taking the order and starting a conversation.


11.2 All communications that take place  via  this question application  are  stored in the  Seller's Sales Account     and  are  also accessible to  Tailgate Traders LTD. Tailgate Traders LTD will not actively monitor this communication, but may (automatically) randomly filter to detect unlawful content and problems. Tailgate Traders LTD will only access the communication when a Buyer submits a specific complaint or if the automatic/sample filter detects unlawful content or a problem.




Article 12 –  Intellectual property rights


12.1 Tailgate Traders LTD is the exclusive owner of all current and future intellectual property rights, such as (but not limited to) patents, patent applications, trademarks, service marks, trade names, copyrights, trade secrets, licenses, domain names, know-how, proprietary rights and processes (the "Intellectual Property Rights") with respect to the Platform and the underlying code.


12.2 Seller  and  Buyer are granted  a  non-exclusive,  non-transferable  and  non-sublicensable  license  to use  the  Platform in  accordance  with  these Terms of Use.


12.3 Seller  and  Buyer  guarantee to be  the  exclusive  owner of all  Intellectual Property Rights  to  the  information  that Buyer  and  Seller share on the Platform, such  as  (but  not  limited  to)  photos  and  descriptions  of  Products.


12.4 Tailgate Traders LTD obtains a non-exclusive licence from Seller to use all materials provided by Seller. Tailgate Traders LTD may also use this information in communication and advertising in all media for the benefit of (the offer of) the Platform. Seller warrants that it is authorized to grant this license to Tailgate Traders LTD, without infringing any applicable laws and regulations or the rights of third parties.


12.5 Under no  circumstances will   seller  and  buyer deposit and/or register a trademark or domain name registration  containing  the element Tailgate Traders LTD or any similar element or logo. Any use of  Tailgate Traders LTD logos by Buyer and Seller must be subject to prior written approval from  Tailgate Traders LTD. In case of the above, please contact us.




Article 13 –  Liability


13.1 The Seller  and  Buyer  are  fully responsible and  liable  for  the  use  of the Platform. 


13.2 Buyer and  Seller  fully indemnify Tailgate Traders LTD against all damages and/or costs of any kind arising from the non-fulfilment of one or more obligations under these Terms of Use.


13.3 The Seller  and  buyer        undertake to fully    comply  with all applicable    privacy laws- and regulations in  its  activities  under  these Terms of Use and  the Purchase Agreement  and   indemnifies Tailgate Traders LTD against all damages and/or costs of any kind in this respect.


13.4 Unless  there    is  intent and/or  deliberate  recklessness on the part of Tailgate Traders LTD, Tailgate Traders LTD shall not be  liable in any way for damages and/or costs of any kind on the part of the Buyer and Seller in connection with the use of the Platform, the My Account and the Sales Account, the information shared by Seller on the Platform and/or the Products,  such as but not limited to – damage and costs as a result of the improper functioning of the Platform, technical malfunctions and unlawful information on the Platform.  Tailgate Traders LTD does not guarantee and is not responsible for the fulfilment of the obligations of seller and buyer.


13.5 Tailgate Traders LTD is not responsible for the Products delivered from seller to buyer. Any damage and/or costs of any kind arising from the use of the Products purchased via the Platform cannot be recovered from Tailgate Traders LTD.


13.6 Nothing  in  these Terms of Use  shall exclude tailgate traders LTD's liability beyond what is permitted by law. If  Tailgate Traders LTD, for whatever reason, is nevertheless liable, this liability towards seller and/or buyer will be limited to concrete demonstrable damages up to a maximum of the total amount of the Service costs and administration costs that  Tailgate Traders LTD has charged to the relevant Buyer for all his buying and selling.


13.7 Tailgate Traders LTD advises the Seller and Buyer to use a unique password for the My Account at all times. This is so that the data of Buyer and Seller are carefully protected and Tailgate Traders LTD cannot guarantee that that data is protected if the password on another platform, website, online medium has been hacked and used for the wrong purposes on the platform of  Tailgate Traders LTD. In the event of a data breach on the part of  Tailgate Traders LTD, Tailgate Traders LTD will inform Buyers and Sellers about this and provide transparency about what data has been leaked and what steps have been taken to prevent this.




Article 14 –  Miscellaneous


14.1 Sellers  will  never  impersonally   be  an  agent or  representative  of Tailgate Traders LTD, unless otherwise agreed with  Tailgate Traders LTD and in particular will not make any representations or enter into any obligations for or on behalf of  Tailgate Traders LTD. Seller and Buyer fully indemnify  Tailgate Traders LTD against all damages and/or costs of any kind arising from the non-performance of this Product. Of course, word-of-mouth advertising by the Buyer and Seller is permitted.


14.2 Tailgate Traders LTD is at any time entitled to change these Terms of Use, including attachment(s). The amended Terms of Use will be effective from the moment they are posted on the Platform. Tailgate Traders LTD therefore advises the Buyer and Seller to regularly review the terms and conditions. If the Seller and buyer continue to use his Account thereafter, he thereby accepts the applicability of the amended Terms of Use. If Buyer and Seller do not wish to accept the amended Terms of Use, Seller and Buyer may delete the Account by submitting a request to  Tailgate Traders LTD.


14.3 If any  provision of these  Terms  of Use is held to  be unlawful,  void,  voidable  or  otherwise  unenforceable,  this   shall  not  affect  the  validity  and  enforceability  of the   other  provisions  of  these Terms of Use. The  unlawful,  void,  voidable  or otherwise   unenforceable  part  is   (deemed  to  be)  replaced  by  a  valid  and  enforceable  provision that explains the  purpose  and  the the scope  of the  superseded  provision  is as close  as possible. 




Article 15 –  Applicable  law  and  competent  court


These Terms of Use  are  exclusively  governed  by  English  law  and  disputes  will  be  submitted  to  the  competent  English  court  in  United Kingdom.


These general  terms and conditions  were   last  modified  on 29 November 2021